Come and have a delightful evening with the Alsatian André Ostertag. Pioneer of the biodynamic viticulture, Ostertag will share his one of a kind treatment of his vines. You will have the opportunity to ask him about his own appellations such as “Vin de Terre” and “Vin de Fruit” which are an expression of the terroir rather than the vine varieties. The Toqué! Kitchens will pair each wine to truly honor the finesse and subtlety of each bottle. An experience not to be missed!

About André Ostertag
André has studied at the Université de Montpellier. This journey outside his childhood Alsace brought him in Burgundy where he met Dominic Lafon (Domaine des Comtes Lafon). This encounter was important for André as Lafon shared his knowledge on Pinot Blanc and Gris, malolactic transformation, fermentation in oak casks and lees. Ostertag developed a very specific method that characterizes the rich expressions and volumes of his wines without ever relying on residual sugars that would smudge the finesse and subtlety of the terroir and vines. Ostertag has an insatiable artistic drive, a deep love for the environment and for what the land offers him each year. He is truly a remarkable winemaker.  

Selected wines
Sylvaner vieilles vignes, 2015
Pinot gris barriques, 2014
Riesling grand cru Muenchberg, 2014
Gewürztraminer Vignoble d'E, 2015
Casablanca Refugio Pinot Noir, 2015

Reservation required, limited seating
Communal tables
228$ per guest (menu, wines, gratuity and taxes included)
Contact Amelie Mathieu at Toqué! Restaurant at 514-499-2084 to secure your places

Au plaisir!