Dinner menu
Our ultimate pleasure is
to make the last bite just
as memorable as the first

Tasting menu

  • Two glasses of champagne (2 ounces each)

    30 $
  • 7-course menu with or without foie gras

    142 $
  • Wine pairing : five glasses

    80 $
  • Wine pairing : seven glasses

    105 $

The tasting menus apply to the table as a whole.

À la carte Menu

First courses

  • Roasted leg of lamb

    28 $

    Blackburn cheese, crouton with za’atar spices, scallion oil mayonnaise, lobster mushroom, pickled vegetables

  • Risotto with saffron

    24 $

    black trumpet mushrooms, hedgehog mushrooms, funnel chanterelle mushrooms, Pecorino Romano, pea shoots

  • Foie gras terrine

    30 $

    blueberry cake, crabapple gel, caramel and cardamom tuile, blueberries, walnuts

  • Black cod

    29 $

    corn purée, black trumpet mushrooms, green beans, kalamata olive powder

  • Princess scallops marinated with strawberry and tomato vinegar

    26 $

    radish, blueberries, cucumber, bee balm mousse

  • Line-caught Bluefin tuna tartare

    30 $

    beans, yuzu, chanterelle mushrooms, mustard seeds, bronze fennel, French radish

Main courses

  • Venison loin

    58 $

    habanero pepper purée, eggplant, zucchini, tomato, bolete mushrooms, borage, red wine sauce

  • Rack of lamb

    57 $

    ratatouille, red bell pepper purée, wild rice, black trumpet mushrooms, artichoke, litchi tomato, vermouth sauce

  • Rack of suckling pig

    52 $

    shishito pepper, corn, eggplant purée, herbs, chanterelle mushrooms, roasted garlic sauce

  • Duck magret

    54 $

    carrot purée, leek, spring onion, runner beans, hedgehog mushrooms, black garlic purée, poivrade sauce

  • Line caught Bluefin tuna belly

    58 $

    hedgehog mushrooms, radish leaf purée, zucchini, beans, meat jus with spices

  • Cavatelli with wild mushrooms

    48 $

    Swiss chard, zucchini, Parmigiano Reggiano


  • La Bête-à-Séguin and Le Crottin

    19 $

    flax seed crackers, ground cherry jam, crab apple jelly, quince vinegar gel, pickled radish


  • La Beurrasse goat cheese panna cotta

    19 $

    candied beets, Nyangbo chocolate cream and dehydrated mousse, cocoa and almond crumble, beet sorbet

    Vin de France 2016, Fleurs d’Érables, Les Sablonnettes (2oz), glass 9 $

  • Orelys blond chocolate pudding

    19 $

    yogurt cream, ginger meringue, brown sugar tuile, sea buckthorn berry frozen yogurt

    Pommeau de Normandie, Famille Dupont (2oz) , glass 10 $

  • Pistachio mousse

    19 $

    sour cherry gel, white chocolate crumble, milk foam tuile, pistachio meringue, cream cheese ice cream

    Vermouth Torino, Bianco, Cantina Torelli (2oz), glass 10 $

  • Sour cream cake

    19 $

    lavender meringue, honey sponge toffee, lemon curd, cilantro syrup, melon granité

    Alsace 2015, Gewürztraminer Rosenberg, Domaine Barmès-Buecher, France (2oz) , glass 9 $

  • Maple caramel poached apple

    19 $

    rosemary and mascarpone cream, walnut nougatine, brown sugar meringue, apple tuile, green shiso milk sorbet

    Pacherenc du Vic Bilh 2015, Symphonie d’Automne, Domaine Berthoumieu, France (2oz), half-glass 10 $

  • Tasting of two Oolong teas

    14 $

Note: menus and prices may change without notice.